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Naruto Ball Z Shippuden WORLD TOUR is OVER! Thank for all the fans who watched!

Previous Showings and Awards

Anime LA 2013: First Place: Best Action Produced
Anime Evolution 2012 - Audience Best Overall
Anime Vegas 2012 - Best Action
Anime USA 2012 - 2nd Place Action
Youmacon 2012 - Shonen Jumping the Shark Award
Another Anime Con 2012 - Theme Winner
Nan Desu Kan 2012 - Best of Show Judge's Choice
Anime Expo 2012 - Best Action, Creator's Choice, and Best of Show
Otafest 2012 - Honorable Mention Epic Crossover
Sakura-Con 2012 - Best Action, Best Technical, and Best of Show

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Random Destination Studios and Ginga GIRI GIRI Kai are teaming up to bring you "Naruto Ball Z: Shippuden", the sequel to the hit 2005 AMV "Naruto Ball Z: A battle of epic proportions". Three years after the end of the original Naruto Ball Z, the Leaf Village and Z Warriors must put aside their differences and team up to stop the evil Akatsuki organization from gathering the seven Dragon Balls in their quest for world domination.

Written, directed, edited, and produced by Ryan "Castor Troy" Molina, who brought you the original Naruto Ball Z, The Classic Ginga GIRI GIRI videos, Resident Evil 4 - Die Another Day, Dragon Bebop Z, The VG AMV Projects, Go The Distance, and much more returns to continue the story of the two biggest Shonen titles fighting it out in a battle that's sure to rock this planet!

Naruto Ball Z Shippuden was shown at AMV contests and showings in 2012. There are no more current plans for it to show at more contests.

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